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7.6 Control of Monitoring and Measuring Equipment


The organization need to identify what monitoring and measuring is required to ensure the product or service meeting the customer requirements. In other words, organization must identify what is important to the product, either critical dimension of the product, or critical control of the processes.


After identify what characteristics to monitoring and measuring, the organization must identify the right equipment to use for monitoring and measuring.


ISO 9001 requires organization to establish a Calibration process to ensure the equipment used to conform product quality must provide consistent result.


The calibration process requirements include:



In addition, the organization must review the calibration result of each equipment. If any equipment found out of the calibration result, organization need to take necessary action to the affected equipment and any product affected.


If organization use any computer software to monitoring and measuring the specified requirements, the ability of the software must be verified before used and need to perform regular reconfirmation.

ISO 9001 Section 8 Measurement, Analysis and Improvement

7.6 Control of Monitoring and Measuring Equipment

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