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7.2.2 Review of Requirements Related to the Product

Organization must review the requirements related to the product to ensure they can be met before accepted by the organization. If organization can not meet the requirement, they should resolve that before the agreement is final. This requirement is to ensure the organization provide better product delivery to fulfill customer requirements.


The requirements for this clause are:



Things to consider during this review are:

If organization unable to meet any of these thing, negotiate with customer until an agreement can be reached.


The PO or contract from customer must include evidence of review by the person accepting the order such as signature, approval stamp chop and etc.


If changes make from customer or organization itself, must ensure the changes is agreed by both parties. In the mean while, the changes must communicate throughout the organization to those affected by it or responsible for meeting new requirements.


ISO 9001 Clause 7.2.3 Customer Communication

7.2.3 Customer Communication

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