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4.2.3 Control of documents

This is one of the “Mandatory Procedure” requires by the ISO 9001. Any documents required by the ISO 9001 system must be controlled. Documents include:




Organization must establish a documented procedure for this document control method. Control of documents Procedure is minatory requirement by ISO 9001. The control method must include:


  1. To ensure any controlled document must obtained approval before release and distribute to other.
  2. To ensure any new revision of documents have been reviewed and approved before release and distribute to other.
  3. To ensure the revision of document is proper identify.
  4. To ensure relevant version of documents are available to retrieve at point of use. (In other words, we must establish a system to ensure our documents are able to retrieve when necessary)
  5. To ensure documents are remain legible. (In other words, controlled documents must able to read and understand).
  6. To ensure all external documents determined by organization are follow the same process as mention above.
  7. To ensure any old version of documents are obsolete to prevent the unintended use. If organization need to keep any obsolete document, suitable identification to these documents must control. (In common practice, organization will keep for old version of document for future reference, but will stamp a RED “Obsolete” on that document).

ISO 9001 Clause 4.2.4 Control of Records

4.2.4 Control of Records

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