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Applying the Principle of Customer Focus in ISO 9001

Organization depend on their customers and therefore should understand current and future customer needs and should meet customer requirements and strive to exceed customer expectation. (ISO 9004:2009)

In the ISO 9001, customer focus is defined as top management responsibility. Customer focus involves determining customer requirements and meeting the requirements so as to achieving customer satisfaction. These are defined in ISO 9001 Clause 7 “Product Realization” processes.


1. Meeting Customer Requirements Setting

In ISO 9001, clause 7.1 “Planning of Product Realization”, planning includes determining the quality objectives and the requirements for the product, establishing the processes and documents and the provision of resources, establishing the means to control the quality of the production and ensuring that records are established to provide evidence and traceability. The focus on customer requirements is defined in ISO 9001 Clause 7.2.1”Determination of requirements related to the product”.


2. Product and Services Requirements

In particular, the organization must meet the requirements specified by the customers, regulatory and statutory requirements and other requirements on product use, requirements for delivery and post-delivery activities including the after sales requirements, end-of-life product recycling or disposal requirements.  Evidence records on customer focus are explicitly defined in Clause 7.2, “Customer-related-processes”, where organization has to:


3. Customer Communication


This customer communication include communication with the customers on product information, enquiries, order handling, contract handling, amendments to contract, customer feedback and complaints handling and taking all necessary action to achieve customer requirements. In the pre-contractual stage, evidence records will be produced by the marketing and sales functions. The evidence will be in the form of records of communication with potential customers, such as the promotional brochures, media-advertisements and invitations to participate in any tenders. The act of establishing contract with the customer can be from a simple acceptance of a purchase order for supply of materials and parts to a complex tendering process for a large project.

4. Customer Satisfaction

Monitor and analyze customer satisfaction is essential for continual improvement in QMS. This can be monitored through customer surveys, customer evaluation report on product quality, user opinion surveys, lost business analysis, warranty claims, dealer reports and etc. This requirement is specifically defined in ISO 9001 Clause 8.2.1 “Customer Satisfaction”.


5. Other Customer Focus Activities

ISO 9001 8 Principle - Process Approach

iso_9001_8_principles_customer_focus Process Approach

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